Caring for an older adult with multiple sclerosis (MS) can be a complicated task, particularly if the disease has progressed to the point of disability. It may not be possible for family caregivers to provide all the care the senior needs.


Elder Care in Bryant AR: Multiple Sclerosis

Elder Care in Bryant AR: Multiple Sclerosis


When that is the case, elder care can assist the older adult when family caregivers cannot be there. If you’re uncertain whether elder care is right for your loved one, knowing some of the things they can do for a senior with MS may help you to make the decision that is right for your aging relative. Below are just 5 of the many ways elder care can assist older adults who have MS.


#1: Medication Reminders

It can be easy for an older adult with MS to forget to take their medications or to accidentally take medicine twice because of the “brain fog” often associated with MS. Brain fog can make it hard for someone with MS to think and causes memory problems. Although an elder care provider cannot dispense medicines to the senior, they can keep track of when medications are due and remind the older adult to take them. They can also monitor the older adult to make certain they don’t take medication twice.


#2: Safety

Leaving an older adult who is disabled home alone can be dangerous for them. They may fall or injure themselves in some way. In addition, it can be stressful for them to be alone because they may worry about needing help when it is not available. Elder care can keep the older adult safe by assisting them with moving about the house, transferring from a wheelchair, and reaching the things they need.


#3: Transportation

MS may make it impossible for the older adult to drive. That can leave them unable to get to medical appointments. In addition, being unable to get out of the house can leave them feeling isolated. Elder care providers can drive them to appointments, run errands, and to visit friends.


#4: Assist with Healthy Lifestyle

People with MS need to eat a balanced diet and exercise just like everyone else. However, their disease can make it more challenging. An elder care provider can prepare healthy meals and help the older adult to be as physically active as possible.


#5: Household Tasks

The fatigue and other symptoms of MS can make it hard for your aging relative to keep up with housework. An elder care provider can keep the house clean, do laundry, make beds, wash dishes, and much more so that your loved one can live in a clean and pleasant home.


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