Convincing an aging parent that it’s time for help can be hard, but it’s not impossible. You may find your mom is more agreeable than you’d imagine and not have any arguments from her. If she is being a little more stubborn, these tips will help.


Elder Care in Little Rock AR: Getting Mom to Accept Care

Elder Care in Little Rock AR: Getting Mom to Accept Care


Choose a Quiet Location Where She Has to Keep Emotions in Check

At home, your mom feels free to get emotional. If you approach the subject of elder care there, she’s more likely to get angry or become panicked and cry.

Pick a restaurant or other public location where you can have a rational discussion. Make sure you’ve timed it so that she’s not overly tired. Breakfast may be better than dinner. If she’s in a public spot, she’s less likely to get angry or emotional. That makes it easier to have a conversation about the benefits of elder care.


Discuss the Benefits

Talk about all the benefits elder care offers. She wouldn’t have to be alone all day, every day. She would have someone available to shop with her and carry in the groceries and other items she may purchase. Her caregiver could help her with housework, laundry, and meals.

With this help, your mom has time to do the things she enjoys. She could spend more time with you and the grandchildren. She could spend more time in her gardens or reading books.

If she knows anyone who has elder care services, see if your mom could stop by on a day the caregiver is present. Seeing what it’s like could be all it takes for her to be convinced it would benefit her.


Talk About the Different Options

Talk to your mom about all the different ways elder care services help people. This can help her understand that the caregivers are there to assist her and not impact her independence.

Make sure she knows that caregivers come by on a scheduled basis and not randomly. She’ll know when it’s time for her caregiver to arrive and when the caregiver will leave. There are no surprises.


Make Your Mom Part of the Planning

Once she’s open to the idea of elder care, make sure she’s part of the planning. Allow her to participate in calls and interviews. If you get to talk to individual caregivers, let her ask the questions. You can fill in gaps if needed when she’s done. If she’s involved in arranging elder care, she’s more likely to embrace it.


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