When an elderly parent has a stroke, you may feel confused, worried, and overwhelmed by what the future has in store. There’s a lot to learn about the condition and how you can support and assist your parent. Below are some tips and facts that can increase your knowledge and help prepare you to be a family caregiver.


Elder Care in North Little Rock AR: Senior After-Stroke Tips

Elder Care in North Little Rock AR: Senior After-Stroke Tips


Learn About Stroke Rehabilitation

Your parent will likely need to participate in a stroke rehabilitation program. What kinds of rehabilitation they need and how long it will take depends on the severity of the stroke and what areas of the body were affected. Talk to your parent’s health care team about what you can expect and how long the process might take. This kind of information will help you to know what your parent’s needs will be, how often their rehabilitation programs will be, and whether you’ll need help getting them to and from appointments.


Reduce Risk of Another Stroke

People who have had a stroke are at an increased risk of having another. Eating a healthy diet, getting some exercise, and taking medications according to the doctor’s instructions can all help.


Watch for Signs of Depression

Between 30 and 50 percent of people who survive a stroke experience depression. If your parent becomes depressed, it could affect their ability to fully engage in their recovery. They may lack the energy or motivation to follow the doctor’s instructions or do the exercises suggested by therapists. If you notice signs of depression, report them to the senior’s doctor. Depression is treatable with medications and/or counseling.


Even when you’re armed with knowledge, being a family caregiver to someone who has had a stroke is not an easy task.

You should not expect to be able to do everything on your own. If you need help, a home care agency can schedule professional home care providers to come to the older adult’s home to assist them while you are at work or doing other things.

Home care providers can help them to dress, transfer from a wheelchair, bathe, or eat. And, a home care provider can offer transportation to and from rehabilitation appointments. Home care providers can also offer them emotional support and a companion, so they don’t have to be alone.


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