The Better Business Bureau recently reported that one out of five people in the U.S. fell for a scam in 2017. To help make people more aware of it, the organization published a list of the most common scams. Here are the top three for men and women over the age of 64.


Elderly Care in Benton AR: Senior Scams

Elderly Care in Benton AR: Senior Scams



#1 – Investment Scams

Investment scams are one of the biggest scams affecting seniors. They get a mailing, call, or email telling them about a new investment that’s helping seniors make a lot of cash in a hurry.

One scammer targeted elderly clients by having them move money from their accounts to other accounts that they thought were affiliates. They were actually companies he created. He spent the funds on himself and his family and to keep his Ponzi-style scam going. When he was arrested, he’d bilked 30 seniors out of close to $3 million.


#2 – Family or Friend Emergency Scams

Grandparent scams are common, and some seniors keep falling for the caller’s plea. The scam starts with a phone call from a grandchild who has been arrested, hospitalized, or robbed. The young adult is in desperate need of money. The caller is actually a scammer who has used the internet to find out family information.

Because the caller knows personal details and names, the senior falls for the scam and wires money. Seniors need to hang up, call the grandchild or parents of the grandchild and see if the grandchild is truly in a bind.


#3 – Tech Support Scams

Tech support scams may come in a phone call or a message on the computer. It may start with a loud pop-up message saying that the computer has a virus and that a call to the toll-free number is needed to remove the virus. Nothing seems to get rid of the messages. If you call the number, they say they can fix it for a payment.

The call may also come through a phone call from a well-known computer company like Windows or Microsoft and that you have a virus. They can fix it over the phone if you give them some information and pay a fee.


Many seniors come from a generation where answering the phone and being polite to the caller was the norm.
They get an email that seems official. They don’t like doing the wrong thing. Scammers know that and try to target seniors for that reason. If your parent is home alone, companionship services from an elder care agency can help.


Caregivers can answer the phone and help your parents identify scams. In addition, elder care services can include things like answering the phone, helping with scheduling, and completing light cleaning tasks. Call an agency to get started.

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