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Five Self-Care Tips For A Senior With Dry Eyes

Battling dry eyes is not always easy. Your senior may want to try some of these easy tips to help while she and her doctor work out potential causes.


Home Care in Benton AR: Senior with Dry Eyes

Home Care in Benton AR: Senior with Dry Eyes


Talk to Her Doctor about Supplements and Dietary Changes

Certain supplements and dietary changes might be able to help your elderly family member’s body to produce better quality tears. Omega-3 fatty acids, in particular, might help quite a bit. Make sure that you talk with your elderly family member’s doctor and possibly also her eye doctor about what supplements or dietary changes might be best.


Remind Her to Blink More Often

Most people don’t think about it much, but when you become engrossed in something it’s easy to forget to blink. If your elderly family member reads, crafts, or even simply watches television a lot, she may not be blinking as often as she should be. Try reminding her to blink a little more often if you notice that she’s slowed down on that.


Check the Humidity Levels

Humidity levels that are too high aren’t comfortable, but the same is true for low humidity levels, too. In fact, humidity that is too low can leach moisture from your senior’s body and her eyes. Try getting an inexpensive humidity monitor to see where the current levels are.


Encourage Sunglasses When Outside

UVA and UVB rays can damage your elderly family member’s eyes and cause them to dry out even more. Wearing sunglasses helps to reduce the effects of sunlight on your senior’s eyes. It’s a good idea to just make them a habit so that they’re right there and easy to put on.


Drinking More Water Can Help

As with many situations in which dryness or dehydration is an issue, drinking a little bit more water can be part of the solution. Talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about the right amount of water for your senior, because everyone’s needs are a little bit different. Don’t worry about hitting that mark right away, though. Many people find that it takes a little bit of time to gradually become accustomed to drinking more water.

If you’re not able to be with your senior as much as you’d like during the day, you might not be sure whether these tips are working for her or not. Hiring elderly care providers is one way to offer your senior some companionship and help during the day while also encouraging her to try some of these tips more often.

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Kayla Stephens, CSA, Co-Owner

CSA, Co-Owner at First Choice Senior Care
Kayla Stephens is the co-owner of First Choice Senior Care. She grew up in Northeast Arkansas, and has worked in rehabilitation, hospice care, managed nursing homes and a large home care agency.She has received several awards for sales and quality achievements in hospice and long-term care.

Kayla believes in advocating for and educating seniors and their families on a variety of topics and issues that impact them.Reflecting on the need for an independent home care provider interested in quality over quantity, she chased her dream of building her own company that would make a significant difference in the lives of seniors, providing a much-needed service in her own local community.

Kayla holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Arkansas State University, is licensed by the state of Arkansas as a Long-Term Care Administrator, and is a Certified Senior Adviser.