As your parents get older, you may want to think about attending medical appointments with them. While they may resist, make sure you clarify that you don’t have to be in the room for the actual examination. You want to be there for the consultation at the end of the appointment. This may ease anxiety.


Home Care in Jacksonville AR: Parents Medical Appointment

Home Care in Jacksonville AR: Parents Medical Appointment


To do this, your mom and dad have to fill out a HIPAA form permitting you to talk about their medical information with their doctor. The other form to consider is a medical power of attorney. This allows you to make medical decisions on their behalf if they cannot vocalize their wishes for some reason.


Get the Legal Paperwork in Order

Your first step is going to be to talk to your parents about HIPAA and the power of attorney paperwork. To make them feel more at ease, they may want to discuss these forms in front of an elder law attorney. They’ll have an expert’s opinion and help to ensure forms are filled out following their wishes.

That paperwork has to be filed with your parents’ doctors. Bring the copy the attorney gives you to the medical office for them to take a copy for your parents’ records.


Join Them on Appointment Days

On an appointment day, join your parents. Sit in the waiting room until the appointment is over. If they’re okay with you being in the room for most of the appointment, you can do that. Step out or turn your back during more private exams, if any are due.


Call If You Don’t Live Nearby

If you live in another state, it may be hard to join your parents for appointments. You can call the doctor after to discuss test results and concerns. If there are any concerns with health or physical abilities, you can discuss home care with your parents.


Ask Questions

If there is anything you’re not clear on or want more information, ask the doctor. Don’t nod and pretend you get it. You want the instructions to be perfectly clear so that you know how to best help your parents.

You’ll want to ask about medications and possible side effects. While you’re in the office, do a quick scan of prices if you can and make sure your parents can afford the cost. If not, the doctor may be able to prescribe a generic that will save them money.


Arrange Home Care

Home care services help them remain independent by offering a helping hand as needed. It’s easy to arrange services. Make a call and answer questions the home care advisor asks to come up with the best care plan for your parents’ needs.

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