When you are working on elderly care, whether for a loved one or for someone else, you should be aware that diabetes is a common condition. While diabetes doesn’t have any exact symptoms, there are conditions caused by diabetes that can cause symptoms.


Home Care Services in Bryant AR: Symptoms of Diabetes

Home Care Services in Bryant AR: Symptoms of Diabetes


These are things such as high blood sugar and other issues. Knowing more about these symptoms can help you to assist the senior in properly managing their diabetes.


-Increased Thirst and Urination
The number one symptom associated with diabetes that all caregivers should be aware of is increased thirst and urination. This is a sign that the kidneys are working too hard to filter out and absorb sugar that is building up in the blood. When the kidneys aren’t able to work properly, sugar gets excreted through the urine, drawing more fluid out of the body in the process. This makes the senior even thirstier and then, they urinate more, as well.


-Gum Disease
If diabetes isn’t treated properly or managed properly, the patient could experience gum disease. The gums might start pulling off from the teeth. This increases the risk for the senior to have gum disease.


-Worsened Vision
Having high blood sugar, a common symptom as a result of diabetes can call the fluid to be pulled away from the eyes. This can cause blurry vision. If that isn’t treated properly, the retina can be damaged and it could cause blindness.


-Wounds That Heal Slowly
Unfortunately, it takes a long time for wounds to heal in those who have diabetes. This increases the risk of infections, as well.


-Weight Loss with Associated Hunger
One indicator that someone has diabetes is unexpected weight loss. The deficit of calories happens when the sugar is lost from frequent urination. When the sugar doesn’t reach the body’s cells, the patient feels hungry and they lose weight at the same time.


-Tingling of Feet and Hands
It is quite common for those who have diabetes, especially when it isn’t managed properly, to have tingling in their feet and hands. If the senior you are taking care of has this issue, you should talk to their doctor about it right away.


Taking care of a senior who has diabetes can be rough. You might not know exactly what to do to help them best manage their diabetes. However, if you recognize these symptoms, the first thing you should do is talk to their doctor. If they haven’t yet been diagnosed with diabetes, the doctor will run the necessary tests. If they have been diagnosed and you just need more help in taking care of the senior, you can always hire a home care provider to help you out.


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Kayla Bogle, CSA, Co-Owner

CSA, Co-Owner at First Choice Senior Care
Kayla Stephens is the co-owner of First Choice Senior Care. She grew up in Northeast Arkansas, and has worked in rehabilitation, hospice care, managed nursing homes and a large home care agency.She has received several awards for sales and quality achievements in hospice and long-term care.

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Kayla holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Arkansas State University, is licensed by the state of Arkansas as a Long-Term Care Administrator, and is a Certified Senior Adviser.

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