You’ve probably experienced at least one situation as a caregiver that threatened to send you to the brink of your sanity in the blink of an eye. That instant stress is not a good sign and you need to do something about it right away.


Home Health Care in Cammack Village AR: Caregiver Stress

Home Health Care in Cammack Village AR: Caregiver Stress


Can You Fix Anything Right Now?

There might be even a little piece of the situation you’re in right now that you can do something about. No matter how tiny that piece you can fix is, give that a go anyways. Anything else that you can’t do anything about right now might have to wait. The fact that you already know you’re about at your limit means that you should not keep pushing.


Physically Step Away for a Minute or Two

If it’s possible at all, physically walk away from the situation you’re in. That might mean that you step into another room or that you take a walk around the block. The key to this is two separate things. You’re physically removing yourself from the stressor, which allows you to stand down. You’re also changing what’s around you, which can help just as much as being away from the stressor.


Check Your Breathing

Something you’re probably not noticing when you’re hit with a big stressor is that your breathing changes. You start to take in faster, more shallow breaths in preparation for either fight or flight. That’s a subconscious issue, but if you pay conscious attention, you can get it back under control. Gradually slow and deepen your breathing and it can help you to feel calmer.


Delegate the Problem Immediately

Is this something you can turn over to someone else? Maybe that isn’t always the case, but you might find that this solution applies more often than you might think. Find a way to delegate this problem if it’s at all possible for you to do.


You Need a Bigger Break

How often are you getting hit with massive stress that just about sends you over the edge? If it’s happening a lot more than you’d like, your body and your brain are trying to send you a message. You need a bigger break. Hiring senior care providers and taking an afternoon or two off regularly can give you the space you need.


The heavy, sudden stress of life and of caregiving are going to show up. If you’re doing all you can to manage the low-end stressors in your life, it’s going to be easier to handle these bigger stressors. But they’re not going to disappear entirely, so you need tools you can use right away.


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