Blood pressure is one of the most important health readings your dad needs to monitor. High blood pressure increases the risk of stroke and heart disease. It can also cause dizziness that increases the risk of a fall.


Homecare in Little Rock AR: High Blood Pressure

Homecare in Little Rock AR: High Blood Pressure


People usually know that 120 over 80 is the target blood pressure. Blood pressure of 130 over 80 wasn’t a major concern. Doctors are now prescribing medications to some people who have a blood pressure of 130 over 80. It all depends on the patient history. Do you know when you should seek medical attention for your dad? Here are some tips.


The New Definition of High Blood Pressure

Normal blood pressure is now 120 over 80 or lower. Elevated blood pressure is 121 to 129 over 80 or lower. The first stage of high blood pressure is 130 to 139 over 80 to 89. The second stage is 140 to 179 over 90 or higher. It’s now considered to be a medical emergency if blood pressure is 180 over 120 or higher.

If your dad’s blood pressure is that high, you must call his doctor. If he has high blood pressure and has other symptoms like difficulty breathing or chest pain, he needs to go to the hospital.


Stress Can Increase Blood Pressure

Ask your dad’s doctor for a recommendation on which blood pressure cuff to buy for his home. Some people have raised blood pressure readings when they’re stressed. The doctor’s office can increase stress.

At the doctor’s office, you can also ask the doctor to take his blood pressure after the appointment is over and see if the reading is lower than the initial one.

Take readings at home in a relaxed setting. Record those readings and show his doctor. This can be a more accurate way to get his blood pressure throughout the day.


New Guidelines Call for Medications Earlier

It used to be that medications were used when blood pressure got very high. Revised guidelines in 2017 suggest using blood pressure medications when diet and exercise aren’t working and blood pressure is 130 over 80 or higher and there have been other health issues. The goal is still to try to reduce blood pressure through diet, exercise, and weight loss before using medications.

To treat his high blood pressure, your dad’s doctor may want him to take blood pressure medications. He needs to take them each day at the recommended time. If he forgets, caregivers can help. They’ll come to his home and offer reminders. They can also encourage that he takes a walk and eats properly.


Call a home care agency to get answers to any questions you and your dad have. The specialist can discuss schedules, rates, and services caregivers offer. Pick up the phone for a free consultation.

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