Scientists are always looking for new information about health problems that could lead to new methods of diagnosis or treatment. The American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions took place in mid-November. At the session, the results of a study concerning saliva and heart disease were presented. The results of the study suggest that bacteria in the saliva may have something to do with heart disease.


Homecare in Sherwood AR: Heart Health and Saliva

Homecare in Sherwood AR: Heart Health and Saliva


About the Saliva Study

Past studies have shown a connection between bacteria in the intestines and atherosclerosis, which is the collection of fatty deposits on the walls of arteries making heart attack and stroke more likely. This recent study focused on whether oral bacteria might also play a role. For the study, researchers took saliva samples from 39 Japanese people. All of them had been diagnosed with atherosclerosis. The saliva samples were compared to samples from people who did not have atherosclerosis. The results showed that the bacteria in the mouths of those with atherosclerosis were different than the saliva from those without the disease.

The researchers believe the results of the study are significant because they may indicate that bacteria from the mouth travels into the intestines where it can impact heart health. The results may also be useful for the development of new treatments for heart disease or lifestyle changes that could prevent it.


Oral Health and Heart Disease

This recent study is small, and experts agree that more research is needed. Although doctors have suspected for some time that oral health may play a role in heart health, as of yet, it has not been proven. However, there is a substantial body of research linking the two. Studies have shown that people with gum disease are at an increased risk for heart disease and that poor dental health may lead to bacteria in the bloodstream that can cause problems with heart valves.

Even if oral health doesn’t prevent heart disease, helping your aging relative to take care of their teeth and gums is an important part of staying healthy. Tooth decay and gum disease can cause pain and make eating difficult, which could lead to malnutrition.

Senior care can assist your older family member to brush and floss their teeth. If your aging relative has difficulty holding a toothbrush because of a loss of manual dexterity due to a stroke or arthritis, a senior care provider can brush their teeth for them. In addition, senior care providers can walk older adults with dementia through the steps of brushing their teeth since the disease can make them forget how to do the task on their own.


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