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How Home Care Can Help Mom Stay Socially Connected

A survey conducted by AARP found that around 35 percent of older adults are lonely. Those who were classified as lonely often were not involved in social activities, such as volunteering, attending worship services, being involved in a community organization, or engaging in a hobby. If you suspect your aging relative is lonely, hiring a home care provider can help them to get and stay socially connected. Below are some of the ways that home care can help ease senior loneliness.


Senior Care in Little Rock AR: Senior Social Life

Senior Care in Little Rock AR: Senior Social Life


Going on Outings

Sometimes seniors are stuck in their houses because they no longer drive or because or reduced mobility. As a result, they miss out on going places like museums, plays, restaurants, and other public places. Home care allows older adults to continue going out and enjoying the places they once did. Home care providers can provide transportation and attend the senior while they enjoy a stroll around the museum or a lunch with friends.


Help with Hobbies

Home care providers can assist older adults with their hobbies. If your mom has always loved to sew, but now has trouble seeing to thread the needle, a home care provider can help. If your dad likes birdwatching but has trouble filling the feeders, a home care provider can keep the feeders full so the birds keep coming. They can even drive your dad to the store to purchase more birdseed.


Social Media and Email

Social media is a great way for older adults to keep in touch with their younger family members, especially grandchildren. A home care provider can help with setting up a social media account, posting pictures, and composing messages. If they would prefer to stick to email, a home care provider can help them read emails if their vision makes it difficult. They can also help with typing email messages.


Transportation to Gatherings

Home care providers can drive seniors to gatherings. They can provide transportation to worship services, group fitness classes, or to the local senior center for an activity. They can also drive seniors to the grocery store, the mall, or to the post office. Even small errands like these can help seniors stay connected with the outside world and keep them from feeling lonely.


Help with Pets

Having a pet can help seniors feel less lonely. Pets provide unconditional love and companionship. However, it can sometimes be difficult for seniors to care for their pets alone. A home care provider can help with basic care duties, like feeding the pet, brushing, cleaning a litterbox, or taking a dog outside. A home care provider can also go for walks with the senior and their dog. Walking a dog is a great way to meet people since they often attract attention and start social interactions.

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Kayla Stephens, CSA, Co-Owner

CSA, Co-Owner at First Choice Senior Care
Kayla Stephens is the co-owner of First Choice Senior Care. She grew up in Northeast Arkansas, and has worked in rehabilitation, hospice care, managed nursing homes and a large home care agency.She has received several awards for sales and quality achievements in hospice and long-term care.

Kayla believes in advocating for and educating seniors and their families on a variety of topics and issues that impact them.Reflecting on the need for an independent home care provider interested in quality over quantity, she chased her dream of building her own company that would make a significant difference in the lives of seniors, providing a much-needed service in her own local community.

Kayla holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Arkansas State University, is licensed by the state of Arkansas as a Long-Term Care Administrator, and is a Certified Senior Adviser.