Focusing on your mental health is an excellent idea, especially if you’re just getting started with any form of self-care during your time as a caregiver. These ideas can get you started.


Home Health Care in Maumelle AR: Mental Health

Home Health Care in Maumelle AR: Mental Health


What’s Your Self-talk Like?

Self-talk is something that you might not think about much, because it’s background noise for most people. What do you say to yourself when you make a mistake or when you drop something? You might not be able to come up with an answer when you’re not in that situation, but try to pay attention to what you say to yourself the next time something happens. If it’s less than positive, you’re not alone. Once you’ve noticed your self-talk, you can make a conscious effort to make it more positive.


What Helps You to Feel Calm, Happy, or Just at Ease?

When you’re a caregiver, feeling calm or at ease might not happen nearly as often as you would like. The problem is, it’s tough to focus on improving your mental health when you’re in a constant state of chaos. So, what helps you to feel at ease and happy? That might involve exercising every day or having someone else clean your house. Whatever it is, figure out how you can make that happen on a regular basis.


Affirmations and Mantras Work

Mantras and affirmations feel really odd to use, but so many people recommend them because they really do work. Both are short phrases that you repeat or post somewhere that you’re going to see them often. These phrases help you to reframe your thinking to a more positive mindset. Try out a variety of different affirmations to find the ones that feel right to you. You’ll know when you land on the right ones.


Start a Journal to Track Your Progress

Progress with mental health self-care is often slow. You are making far more progress than you realize, especially if you’re sticking with the tools you’re finding that help you. Journaling about how you’re feeling and what you’re experiencing can help you to look back even a week at a time and see how much better you’re doing. You may even find that you’re discovering new aspects that you want to address.


Self-care as a caregiver might feel self-indulgent or like something that you don’t have time for. But if you’re not taking the best care of your mental health that you can, you’re going to find it so much more difficult to continue caring for anyone else.


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